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Customisable, rugged speed signs with fixed and variable text display options

LEDMOVIE is a specialist in high-performance speed signs.

Our standard product is available in heights of 250mm or 320mm, featuring two or two and a half digits. It can be customised to feature a height of 550mm with any colour and additional decoration.

The speed sign is contained inside a 2mm-thick rugged and powder-coated aluminium case for extra durability and the case is surrounded by a 40mm-wide Class 1 reflective red or white sticker for enhanced visibility.

You can show fixed messages to drivers with the additional text display. Variable text display is also available, so you can modify the messages at any time.

You can choose from a variety of power options such as solar panels, batteries or a fixed power supply.

A data logger is also available at all speed or speed limit signs, and all data can be downloaded by USB, Wi-Fi or 3G modem. All data can be evaluated by our web-based application, which is accessible via our Contact Details.

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